Nice try, Donald Trump, but it’s not working

Donald Trump just doesn’t get it. He’s been out attacking a dead person again, and once again, even some of his Republican colleagues are angered by his behavior. Trump is a classic bully. He picks on people who can’t stand up for themselves, and the deceased are at the top of that list. Unfortunately for him, John Dingell’s wife is alive and well and striking back.

During his latest hate rally, Trump decided it was a good idea to speak ill of John Dingell because his wife, Representative Debbie Dingell (D-MI), voted in favor of impeachment. He commented that perhaps John Dingell was “looking up” as opposed to down, intimating that he is in hell. His anger at Debbie Dingell’s vote stems from the lowering of flags to half-staff after John Dingell’s death. He claims that Debbie Dingell called to thank him for doing that. Okay, let’s get one thing straight: This is protocol. Lowering the flag is not a personal favor from a president to the deceased’s family. Of course, when Trump enters the picture, everything is about him, and when he’s doing what’s supposed to be his job, he calls it a “favor.”

Because Trump can’t see past his nose, he is angry that Debbie Dingell did what her constituents want her to do, which includes upholding the Constitution that Trump violates on an almost daily basis. Instead, he takes everything personally and blames everyone for his own self-imposed problems. In response to Trump’s unnecessary, unprofessional attacks, Debbie Dingell is using that attack to raise funds for her campaign. Her campaign has asked supporters to donate to send a message to Trump that they will not tolerate him “bullying and insulting our congresswoman.” While some may see this as tacky, others see it as seizing an opportunity as it has been presented. Dingell’s campaign also sent an email to constituents that said, “President Trump spent most of his time attacking members of Congress like Debbie and the press, rather than focusing on the issues that matter to the American people.” Well, it is true after all. That’s all he does. He’s merely trying to hide his incompetence, and it’s not working.

Meanwhile, his enablers make excuses for him. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) said to the Hill that “the stress of the impeachment could have been a factor in the president’s remarks.” Bullshit. He’s not “stressed” by impeachment. He’s an asshole. Always has been, always will be. Have they all so quickly forgotten how he mercilessly, repeatedly attacked John McCain, who was suffering from cancer and subsequently lost his battle? The attacks continued long after McCain was gone. They all know this, so his attacks on John Dingell should come as no surprise. His part-time otherwise non-existent press secretary told the Hill that Trump is a “counter-puncher.” No, at the risk of being overly redundant, he’s an asshole. What is surprising is how they continue to make excuses for this poor excuse of a “leader.” He’s leading us straight into hell.

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