No country for Trump men

Even as we try to figure out how to survive the current crisis, it’s not too early to talk about what we need to do once it’s over. Donald Trump’s fate is a straightforward one. If we turn out properly for Joe Biden and Trump loses the election, he’ll face too many state and federal criminal charges to count, and he’ll go to prison forever. So will a whole lot of his henchmen. Examples will be made of them. But what about his supporters?

It’s one thing to have voted for Trump in 2016. It’s another, darker, thing to have stuck with him after he got into office and demonstrated that he was a criminal and a psychopath. The kids in cages should have been the final straw for anyone with a soul. But now Trump has graduated to mass murder, by refusing to send medical supplies to states whose governors he doesn’t like. Anyone still actively supporting Trump during this crisis is suborning genocide. So what do we do with these people?

The answer should be rather clear. People who continue to support and enable Donald Trump, as his murder spree goes on, should have no place in American society once it’s over. Their reputations should be in ruins. They shouldn’t be allowed to hold respectable jobs. They should be made to feel so unwelcome in America – not threatened, not unsafe, but unwelcome – that they have to seriously consider changing their names and trying to start over in a new city.

It’s not about vengeance, or even about punishment. It’s that because of what Donald Trump is doing to us right now, America is going to be far from whole for a long time. We’ll be short on resources. Short on everything. There won’t be enough prosperity to go around. If we’re stuck standing in bread lines after this, suffice it to say that the people who enabled Trump during this crisis should be the ones at the back of the line.

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