No one is safe

As the saying goes, Donald Trump isn’t a real doctor, he just plays one on TV. In his esteemed fictional medical opinion his prediction of the number of deaths from the COVID-19 pandemic has now risen from 60,000 to “as high as 100,000.” This calculation was necessitated by the inconvenient truth that the death rate of 60,000 — the one that Dr. Fauci said, as recently as April 9th, would be reached by late August — has already been surpassed in early May. Trump’s latest “prediction” is so wrong that it would almost be funny were it not so tragic. But then, Trump isn’t a real president, he just plays one on TV.

The sad truth of the matter is we are now looking at deaths in the millions in the United States before the year is out. The child rapist Donald Trump today is on the brink of going down in history as one of the greatest genocidal murderers of all time and nothing is going to stop him. Trump has until November 3rd plus 78 days to achieve this landmark in infamy — and he is well ahead of schedule.

The miscalculations at every level of the devastating potential of this coronavirus will continue to yield predictably tragic consequences. No American is safe from the impulsively self-centered delusions of this president, and the cost is no longer measured in court appointments or rolled back regulations or declawed human rights legislation or downsized environmental protections — but in human lives. Chances are you know someone who will be dead in six months thanks to Donald Trump.

The disaster that is the Trump administration has finally come home to roost. And we were so close, so very close to being rid of him before a terrible tragedy like this one could happen. The last four years have been a series of tragi-comic coincidences, one upon another, that could have been averted but, at the last minute, were not. It’s as if all the gods of the world got together in a single warehouse and murdered each other one after the other until there was no more left.

Of course, the tragedy isn’t America’s alone. Because Trump incompetently stumbled into the presidency many people across the globe see him, even still, as a great leader. They credit him with the informal title of “Leader of the Free World,” even though that title has long since slipped from his french fry and hamburger-greasy fingers. Thanks to the colossal failure of Trump and other world leaders like him, almost a quarter of a million people have died worldwide already, and the pandemic is only four months or so old.

Jeff Tiedrich said, in a perfect world, “you want the President of the United States, the Mayor of Crazytown and the village idiot to be three different people.” We were lucky that such a man as Trump wasn’t president of the United States during, say, the Cuban missile crisis, or during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Our luck has run out. We could have gotten rid of him in early February at the impeachment trial. Think of that. Had coronavirus waited just one more year and Joe Biden had become President, millions of lives would have been spared. But it is what it is and there is nothing more to be said about it except, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, stay safe.

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