The Jeffrey Epstein arrest leaves Donald Trump with no way out

The tsunami is rolling ashore. William Barr has been forced to recuse from the Epstein matter because of his Congressional testimony. He acknowledged on the record his ties to the law firm that Alan Dershowitz was with when Dershowitz defended Epstein. Barr made this acknowledgement in order to deliver the least amount of testimony possible about Epstein because even Barr knows child rape is pretty toxic. Barr then un-recused himself today, but the train is rolling. Enter the SDNY and Florida. And now enter the other Federal districts.

Epstein has an isolated ranch in New Mexico and, unbeknownst to most people, there are several pending civil actions against him in the state for the same crimes he is being charged with in NY and FL – as documented by the Albuquerque Journal. The US Attorney’s office has publicly stated that Epstein is not currently charged with any crimes in the district. The office went on to say that they cannot “confirm, deny, or otherwise comment on any possible ongoing investigations.”

All the above sounds pretty bland until you read about the, “At least three embarrassed New Mexican politicians who have returned donations
from Epstein that showed up in their campaign accounts over the years.” Yes, that’s years. Now why would New Mexican politicians be on the donation list for a billionaire who barely spends a weekend at his ranch in a year? And yet, the political climate in New Mexico was so important, Epstein took the time out of his very busy cosmopolitan life to make sure the politicians in his ranch’s district were well-oiled.

The US Attorney in New Mexico is not an idiot. The politicians were given the money to look the other way when Epstein wanted to visit his ranch, or they themselves were guests. There is no way the US Attorney is not investigating this now. Remember Epstein’s cases are also cases of public corruption. Epstein is history. He will rot in jail til he dies. Trump, being Epstein’s compatriot, should be worried from here on out.

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