No wonder Donald Trump has been going berserk all day

Just how far removed is Donald Trump from mental and psychological competence today? He’s spent most of the day having a prolonged meltdown about an incoherent conspiracy theory that appears to involve President Obama, Michael Flynn, Madonna and Robert de Niro. No really, he’s that far out there today. Now we know what’s apparently got him so agitated.

Over the past couple days we’ve learned that Donald Trump and Mike Pence have each been directly exposed to coronavirus by one of their aides. Even though Trump and Pence both supposedly tested negative, the reality is that if they’ve been infected, they may not show symptoms or test positive for as long as fourteen days. This evening we learned that Pence has been quarantined.

This has got to be agitating the living heck out of Donald Trump. He’s delusional enough that he’s probably talked himself into believing that he can’t possibly have caught the virus. But now suddenly his own Vice President is being quarantined as a result of being in the same circumstances that Trump is in.

So depending on Donald Trump’s relative level of delusion right now, he’s either got to be outraged at Mike Pence for making the entire regime look weak by going into quarantine, or he’s got to be panicking about the possibility that he himself might have this virus. And now the Trump regime is insisting that Pence somehow hasn’t been quarantined. No wonder Trump has been going berserk all day about hallucinatory nonsense.

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