Sorry, Donald Trump, you’re not going anywhere

There’s been chatter on the internet that Trump is planning to attend the Russian May Day Parade in order to skip out on the United States and avoid impeachment and prosecution here in the US. Let’s put this to rest. Even in the spectacular scenario in which Trump did want to seek asylum there, it’s a no-go. Yes, Russia doesn’t have extradition with the US. That’s fine for most criminals. But not for the former President of the United States. Trump is a moron and can’t see that what we can overlook with Snowden will not be the case with him. He represents the US and he will be relinquished by Putin back here to face charges.

How do we know this? Because we are the mightiest economic power on earth. We won’t get into a nuclear exchange over Trump because simply, we won’t have to. Putin may parade Trump around for a while and enjoy his nanny-nanny-boo-boo moment, but then like the cunning foe that he is, he will fly him with all military protection back to the US. Trump is only a useful tool and a depreciating one at that. Putin is not going to want the pressure put to bear on him from us and our allies.

Indeed, though Trump has tried to run them off, we do indeed have allies and strong ones. They also know Trump has a shelf life and have been gritting their teeth all these years knowing they have to endure this only for so long and then someone reasonable and loyal will take his place. Our allies are going to side with us in extraditing Trump. Putin knows there’ll be hell to pay for granting Trump asylum. He won’t do it.

Saudi Arabia also does not have extradition, as do a whole lot of other teetering-on-the-Third-World countries that can offer asylum. Just remember what happened to Bin Laden and Baghdadi. If the US really wants you, we will get you. Our former “President” is going nowhere.

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