Now he’s gone and done it

The rats will be fleeing the ship very soon now. Between the new child molestation accusations, the “phony emoluments” talk and the adulation that Mitt Romney is receiving for pushing back against the orange sh*tstain, very few Republicans will be able to resist the onslaught of common human decency.

Not there won’t be eternal holdouts. Some of these House Republicans are simply sh*t stains that will follow their Dear Leader’s footsteps into the ether no matter where he leads them. They have their own sordid histories they need to varnish over, so it makes sense they will go down on the Trumptanic. But sooner now, rather than later, Trump will go on camera and be so delusional, paranoid and defensive that it will no longer be tenable to stand by him.

For proof of this tipping point, we have our military leaders bowing their heads in shame in the famous Trump v. Pelosi meeting. We have lawsuits going forward on Trump’s taxes and emoluments, and this doesn’t even count what the Southern District of New York has got on Trump and his grifting kids. These judges seem to be following the law. And the law for a grifter is a terrible thing.

The fraud that Trump is, will soon be too shocking and horrific for even the most dyed in the wool Republican to stand by. Anyone who has any business history with Trump knows he is destructive. Now the entire US is going to see it in real time. His narcissistic self can’t help but go before the cameras and grift. It’s how he’s played out his entire career. So he will go before the cameras and destroy himself and most of the Republican party. Get out the popcorn, the champagne, and (hopefully not) the bomb shelters because this is going to be the sh*tshow of all sh*shows. The entire world is watching.

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