Donald Trump’s favorite propaganda outlet OAN gets booted from press briefings

As Donald Trump’s psychotically failed handling of the coronavirus crisis continues to grow more deadly, his press briefings continue to become more contentious. Things got so ugly today that even Fox News correspondent John Roberts got into an argument with Trump.

The only network left in the room that’s been willing to throw Trump absurd softball questions is OAN, the far-right cable news propaganda channel which pretty much only exists to prop Trump up. But now OAN will no longer be in the room, because the White House Correspondents’ Association has booted them.

It turns out this isn’t because OAN asked such horrible questions, but because OAN has been breaking the rules about social distancing. The WHCA has put reporters on a rotation so they can keep far enough away from each other, but OAN has twice sent someone into the room to just stand there on the days when they didn’t have a seat.

Donald Trump will surely claim that this is some kind of conspiracy against him. But in reality OAN was caught cheating about the briefing rules, in a way that directly put the safety and lives of the other reporters in the room in danger.

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