Donald Trump’s odds of going to prison just went way up

Thanks to his thirty point massive blowout win in South Carolina last night, Joe Biden is now in the driver’s seat in the Democratic primary race. We’re seeing supporters of the other mainstream Democratic candidates starting to shift to Biden, in the hope that Biden can take down erratic bumbler Bernie Sanders, and then take down maniacal criminal Donald Trump. As of last night, Trump’s odds of spending the rest of his life in solitary confinement just went up significantly. Bear with me here.

Joe Biden publicly stated a few weeks ago that he definitely wants Kamala Harris involved in his administration, but he had to talk with her about which role she’d want. There’s wide expectation that Biden will pick either Harris or Stacey Abrams as his running mate. If he picks Abrams, then Harris is probably a lock for Attorney General. And if Harris is VP, then Biden would most likely pick Adam Schiff or some other proven prosecutor as Attorney General.

Harris, Schiff, and anyone else in their league would – without any doubt – bring a federal criminal case against Donald Trump and his co-conspirators. Moreover, they’d build the kind of comprehensive case that would be sure to nail Trump on some rather complex charges. They’d also be able to employ the kind of legal savvy required to work around any attempt Trump might make at trying to pardon himself on certain charges on his way out of the White House. Putting Trump in prison would be a major task, but a solid Attorney General with a strong prosecutorial background would pull it off.

In other words, if Joe Biden becomes the nominee, he’ll probably beat Donald Trump, and if he does, Trump will almost definitely go to prison. New York will go after Trump on state charges one way or the other. But he’s broken a wider variety of federal laws, and so it’s crucial that there also be a strong federal case made against him.

Now contrast this to what would happen if Bernie Sanders wins the nomination. Considering how many divisive and stupid things he keeps saying, and how many weird skeletons now seem to be emerging from his largely unvetted history, he’d likely find a way to lose to Trump. Even in the unlikely event that Bernie won the election, he has an unfortunate history of surrounding himself with lousy and inept underlings who are primary only good at blowing smoke up his butt. Sanders would likely choose a crappy Attorney General who would either fail to go after Trump, or end up putting together a simplistic case that would fail.

The bottom line is that if Joe Biden wins the nomination, Donald Trump probably goes to prison. If Bernie Sanders wins the nomination, Donald Trump probably gets another four years, and probably won’t ever face any consequences for his crimes. But thanks to Biden’s massive win last night, Trump’s odds of going to prison just went way up.

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