Donald Trump and his impeachment lawyers go completely off the rails

Trump’s lawyers are lying. They are, indeed, liars. The evidence of this is that they keep referring to the “transcript” of Trump’s phone call with Ukraine President Zelensky. It is not a transcript. It is a redacted, excised excerpt of the phone call. And that has been pointed out ad nauseum to them from the beginning.

The questions are starting for these guys and we need to hold their feet to the fire. They should be forced to spew their lies on the record, and then they must be prosecuted for it. Aggressively. It’s one thing to state an opinion. Plausible deniability is how these characters roll. We get that. But Trump’s bodyguard of lies has done real damage. These lying lawyers should be reported to their state Bar and fined or jailed.

Trump has relied on lawyers’ spin his entire corrupt life. This whole nightmare is because he’s had success in the courts by hiring corrupt lawyers, dragging out the process, and then quickly settling for the least amount when it looks like he will lose. This process and Deutsche Bank loans have kept up the veneer of him being a businessman and a millionaire. He is neither. And now the lawyers should also be held responsible for his unlawful behavior.

We suspect this is beginning to happen. Trump’s tweets and his stressed-out behavior at his rallies are showing the cracks widening. Russian state media calls Trump a Moscow “agent” and suggests he’ll need to flee to Moscow. If he attempts this, let’s hope he takes his cheesy lawyers with him.

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