Oh shut up Steve Mnuchin

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin sure does smile a lot for a reanimated corpse. Keep in mind this is the guy who has been personally trying to block Congress from its legal right to see Donald Trump’s tax returns. Mnuchin is pure trash – and he just reminded us of that today when some terrible news arrived.

Last night Palmer Report warned you, as did others, that today’s new unemployment numbers would be abysmal. Sure enough, the official statistics say that 3.3 million Americans are now suddenly unemployed. The real numbers are surely even worse than this, because not everyone files for unemployment when they’re laid off. But even the official numbers are bad enough.

These are 3.3 million real people who now can’t pay their rent or feed their families, and many of them are in lockdown areas, so they can’t even seek out new income. It’s a devastating, heartbreaking mess. But don’t tell that to Steve Mnuchin who went on CNBC today and tried to reassure everyone by saying that the unemployment numbers are “not relevant.”

Really? Tell that to the people trying to feed their families. We sorta kinda get what Mnuchin was trying to say. Many of these newly unemployed people (not all, not even necessarily most, but many of them) will find their existing jobs waiting for them once the lockdowns end. So these aren’t traditional unemployment numbers. But these are real people. Wealthy insular trash like Mnuchin will never understand that.

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