The one thing Donald Trump fears most

When analyzing Donald Trump’s actions, it’s easy to just go along with the winning formula of stupid and narcissistic, with a whiff of thug. He definitely inherited his peasant cunning from his grandfather who escaped his tax bills and military service in Germany to run a “hotel” in the Yukon. But one thing people tend to forget with all our American might and aggrandizement is that our “President,” The Donald, is very, very afraid. Because he is a FOP. Friend of Putin. The supreme mob boss.

Trump’s loans of Russian laundered money from Deutsche Bank weren’t made because Deutsche Bank thought Trump & Co. were good credit risks. No, Deutsche Bank made those loans to get the Putin and oligarch money to line their coffers. Trump will have no problem with defaulting on Deutsche Bank. He’s got a big, big problem with defaulting on Putin.

Today in the AP there is an overlooked article that a Moroccan model, Imane Fadil, has died under suspicious circumstances. Fadil testified as a key witness against Italian former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who has been accused of paying for sex with an underage prostitute. Both the AP and the BBC report she may have been poisoned with a radioactive substance.

Berlusconi’s relationship with Putin is deep and troubling. Putin, in fact, cultivated Berlusconi personally over the years. The former Italian PM’s biggest defender in the underage prostitute scandal was, why, Putin. Of course. Polonium anyone? Do you ever wonder why Trump likes his fast food? Delivered to him personally by the Secret Service? Even he admitted his Filet O’ Fish is too hard to poison.