Donald Trump is getting hit with a one-two punch

Any minute now, John Bolton will go on ABC News and say whatever he’s going to say about his book. He’s already alienated so many millions of Americans by refusing to testify during the impeachment process, his book sales are going to end up being a fraction of what they could have been.

But Bolton’s book is nonetheless currently at #1 on Amazon’s list of bestselling books, a reminder of just how eager Americans are to get their hands on dirt that can be used to finally take Donald Trump down, even if that dirt comes from someone they hate nearly as much as they hate Trump. But this is only half the equation.

Mary Trump’s tell-all book about Donald Trump, which was only posted on Amazon a few days ago, and won’t ship for another five weeks, is already at #4 on Amazon’s list of bestselling books, meaning it’s on a higher trajectory than Bolton’s book, and will likely surpass it on the charts in the coming weeks.

So Donald Trump is getting hit with a one-two punch. First we’ve got John Bolton telling everyone about Donald Trump’s political crimes, and now we’ve got Mary Trump about to tell everyone about Donald Trump’s personal scandals and deranged family life. This is the last thing Donald Trump needs right now, so we’re glad to see it.

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