Donald Trump is about to get hit with a one-two punch

The racist in the White House is doing everything and anything to deflect from the fact that his buddy, Jeffrey Epstein, is going down and taking Trump with him. The prosecutors have revealed in Epstein’s bail hearing that he possessed piles of cash and dozens of loose diamonds, a passport from Saudi Arabia with his picture but not his name, and, of course, heaps and mounds of child pornography. He’s begging for bail to be set at a staggering $100 million. It is extremely doubtful he’ll get it as the prosecutors say his case grows stronger by the day. The State of New Mexico is getting aboard the prosecution train, and there will be others such as the US Virgin Islands that will follow suit.

Helping in the chaos is the fact that Mueller is going to testify July 24th and there’s nothing Trump can do to stop it. That he is doubling down on his racism is the best thing that could ever happen aside from Trump being finally prosecuted for child rape. Even Republicans know that overt racism is a toxic formula. They might have their small racist base, but most people are uncomfortable with overt racism; certainly, young voters have no tolerance for it. So there goes the future for the Republican Party.

After Mueller testifies and Epstein’s bail is denied, look for a full-blown nuclear meltdown. Nancy Pelosi is getting closer and closer to flipping the switch on impeachment and it’s likely to come after July 24th.

We’re in a dangerous time. The Republican Party is going down with the ship and they are powerful enough to sink our democracy while they drown. But if we can check our hatred and elect mainstream Democrats, we have a chance to save the country. Every hour that goes by with Trump embattled on all fronts, the closer we get to the 2020 election and the end of this mess. The pressure’s getting worse. And nobody has any incentive to give this racist a break now. Keep that champagne cold!

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