Oops, Bill Barr, too late!

Back when the Trump regime thought that tear gassing protesters outside the White House was going to play well, Attorney General Bill Barr made a point of grabbing the credit for giving the order. He was even seen surveying the protesters immediately before the gave the order, leaving no doubt about where the order came from.

But several days later, the stunt is playing about as poorly as Palmer Report predicted it would. It was a weak and failed attempt at a strongman stunt that simultaneously left Trump looking like a power-mad maniac and an insecure weakling. It drove his poll numbers down even further, and it brought condemnation from military leaders and religious leaders alike. Now that it’s clear this is going to be yet another ugly Trump criminal scandal, Bill Barr is suddenly trying to wash his hands of it.

Bill Barr is telling the Associated Press today that the Park Police were supposedly responsible for making the decision to tear gas the protesters. Oops, too late, nice try. Barr committed a crime by giving that order, and he made sure everyone knew he was the one who gave the order. Now he’s trying to scapegoat others for the move, and he’s presumably trying to shift the criminal liability away from him, seeing as how Barr will face a growing list of felony charges if Trump loses the election.

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