Donald Trump is out of gas

Who the heck is Hans Von Spakovsky? That’s the question observers were asking last night after Donald Trump had to reach so deep into the bottom of the barrel to find someone who thinks he’s going to survive this, he ended up with a name that a lot of people just assumed was someone Trump made up.

As it turns out, Hans Von Spakovsky is in fact a real person, and not merely yet another Donald Trump alias, or a villain from a Die Hard sequel. But it might have been less embarrassing for Trump if he had quoted a fake person, because Hans Von Spakovsky is actually from the Heritage Foundation, which has been working closely with Trump’s White House. How close? In 2017, Trump named this guy to a Presidential Advisory Commission.

In other words, Trump is so out of gas, he’s reduced to quoting his own buddies. So it doesn’t matter that Hans Gruber, or whatever his name is, doesn’t think there any “evidence of actual violations of the law.” We’re guessing Eric Trump doesn’t see any violations of the law either. But then Trump found a way to make things even more pathetic.

After billionaire activist Tom Steyer announced he’s going to financially support the downfall of Donald Trump’s corrupt GOP allies Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows in the 2020 election, Trump fired back with his laziest attempt at a nickname to date: “Weirdo Tom Steyer doesn’t have the “guts” or money to run for President. He’s all talk!” Come on, really? Weirdo Tom Steyer? That’s the best he can come up with? Trump is completely out of gas.