Trump and the House GOP are out of options

The impeachment hearings bring us new bombshells by the hour – and they also bring us an endless supply of idiotic antics from Republicans, who are no longer discreet about betraying their country in the name of saving power for themselves. To that end, they’ll insult their political opponents as illegitimate and accuse them of planning a coup, and show contempt for servicemen in the armed forces if they happen to disagree with their testimony.

The fact is that Republicans aren’t used to having to answer for their crimes – and I think we need to emphasize this as their crimes, because much of the party is aiding and abetting Donald Trump every step of the way, and so they can no longer hide who they are at their absolute worst as all their credibility unravels in real time.

If the hearings continue to go as they have been, Republicans are absolutely screwed. In the weeks since the Ukraine story first broke, they’ve come up with a total of 22 separate defenses for why Trump doesn’t deserve to be impeached. He either made an appropriate call, there was no quid pro quo, there was a quid pro quo but it was typical in foreign policy, or he was too incompetent to carry out a quid pro quo and the whole thing is gossip anyway. As you can see, many of the Republican claims contradict each other, and vary from day to day – as apologists like Jim Jordan and Lindsey Graham are hoping for something to stick, that can gain traction with the media as they try to cover the hearings objectively.

While just over half of the country wants Trump impeached and removed, there’s much worse news: 70% of voters think that whatever transpired between Trump and the Ukrainian president was wrong. Their last and best hope is to muddy the waters as much as possible – hoping that eventually voters will get tired of hearing about it and won’t care if Trump is guilty or not. The fact that there are so many variations means they’re exhausting their options and the nation isn’t in the most favorable mood towards Donald Trump.

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