Donald Trump is out of time

Every lie has been told beyond count, every action has been damaging, every representation has been reprehensible. Donald Trump is without a doubt one of the worst things that has ever happened to our country. But now he’s headed down a truly dangerous path. For him, that is.

His patriotic farmers are getting fed up. Why care what his farm base thinks? It’s not just about politics anymore. These citizens are our most valuable asset. Yes, they can be rubes, and yes, they can be deplorable racists. Yes, they almost always vote Republican against their own interests. Sigh. But you can live without a car, internet, decent healthcare, even a phone. You cannot live without the farmers.

Our nation is great because of our plains. They literally feed us and the world. Other countries have done a good job catching up to our brilliant farmers, but even if Argentina is a high producer of agriculture, you know what? Argentina doesn’t have nuclear weapons.
This is the one thing America has that no other country has. We are a nuclear power that can feed itself, and we are the only one. China cannot feed itself, nor can Russia. Nor India. They all must import food. We are it. And these other countries know it.

Our president doesn’t know it, so he stupidly pays homage to countries who need us far more than we need them. It’s embarrassing – even for the country being courted – to see what a moron our elected President is. But the end is coming. Trump can’t do without his base, and he is damaging it with tariffs, subsidies, the opioid crisis, and now tempting war in Iran.

Things are changing rapidly. China doesn’t want to deal with the great Dealmaker Trump, because, why bother? The RNC was in bed with Wikileaks, and now it’s just a matter of time before we get our hands on Julian Assange. The Republicans have done a good job circling the wagons and digging in with their lies after cheating and stealing so much, but now the FBI has shown the evidence to Governor Ron DeSantis that Russia hacked two Florida counties in the 2018 election.

My money’s on the fact that it will turn out to be more than two counties, and that someone may be going to jail. (cough, DeSantis and Rick Scott, cough). And it’s starting to unravel with the enduring magic of cold hard facts. Hold steady, folks. You still have the world’s most impressive nuclear arsenal, and the world’s most impressive food supply. A lot more is happening than you know.

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