Donald Trump and his White House co-conspirators just hit the panic button

Over the past few days, the news has just kept getting worse and worse for White House lawyer John Eisenberg. First we learned that he allegedly told Colonel Vindman that he was going to hide the Ukraine transcript on the secret server. Then we learned that Eisenberg allegedly told Vindman not to tell anyone about the Ukraine phone call.

All of this was playing out even as Eisenberg was awkwardly scheduled to testify behind closed doors to the House impeachment inquiry on Monday, along with three other White House officials. Palmer Report explained how Eisenberg was in a no-win situation. If he showed up at all, he risked incriminating himself on obstruction of justice, getting caught committing perjury, or both.

Sure enough, CNN is reporting late tonight that neither Eisenberg nor any of the other White House officials scheduled for Monday will show up. That’s expected, yet remarkable, considering Eisenberg has been subpoenaed. There are plenty within the Resistance who will call for the House Democrats to have Eisenberg thrown in jail in the House basement, or some other similar form of “sending a message.” But in reality, a judge would order Eisenberg’s release before the end of the day, and the House would be left looking impotent accordingly.

The House already has the testimony of thirteen current and former Trump administration officials who have all incriminated Donald Trump in the Ukraine scandal. Several more witnesses will end up testifying as well. The House may not be able to do much to Eisenberg and the other non-cooperators for now, but it can certainly refer them for felony obstruction of justice after Trump is gone, and they’ll go to prison for a long time. In the meantime, this is a clear sign that Donald Trump and his White House co-conspirators are panicking.

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