No wonder Donald Trump is panicking

Welcome to the Wild, Wild West. Lawlessness is rampant in this administration, and if Trump & Co. don’t like whatever body-blow they are receiving, their go-to operation is to either ignore it, or go after the “assaulter.” Things are starting to get personal, and the dozens of frantic Trump Twitter rants are proving it. But The Donald can rant and praise Fox & Friends all he wants. He is still going to face prison. He can even hurl insults at journalists; hell, he can ignore the murdered ones whose murderers are embraced by his son-in-law, and yet none of this is going to change the outcome.

Trump is running out of time, and he knows it. More importantly, he is running out of friends. The GOP is full of those who are willing to drink the Kool-Aid, and take a proverbial bullet for Trump. That is, until, like Michael Cohen, they suddenly discover their patriotism when facing multiple years in prison. Hannity will go down with the Trumptanic, and so will Lindsey Graham, but this is because they long ago lashed themselves to the ship’s wheel. But, say, you’re just a Regular Conservative Joe. Do you really want to lose yourself to history this way? I’m betting not.

The downhill speed is increasing. Subpoenas are sailing out, and Trump can take the rest of his life fighting them, and it still won’t help him. Every federal charge against him will be backed up by state charges. Every prisoner out there would rather do their time in a federal facility than a state one.

So though the wheels of justice turn slowly, Donald Trump is out of options. And if he thinks beating the federal charges is all he needs to worry about, he’s in for a rude awakening. The nice federal golf camp where Michael Cohen will spend his next three years will seem like Mar-a-Lago compared to Rikers Island. So let Trump panic. He needs to.

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