Welcome to the part where Donald Trump implodes

Welcome to March 2019. By the time this month is over we’ll be looking at a very, very different American political landscape. And while these days that’s true of every month to an extent, this month in particular is setting itself up as crucial in the downfall of Donald Trump, and perhaps pivotal in American history. Allow me to explain.

Michael Cohen’s testimony wasn’t some one-off incursion that Donald Trump simply had to absorb and survive. Instead it was the opening act. Specifically, Cohen’s words and evidence have opened the door to everything else that Trump’s adversaries have been wanting to do to him. Cohen knows about a few of Trump’s domestic crimes. Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg, who is now being subpoenaed to testify, and who has already provided limited cooperation in exchange for limited immunity, knows about all of Trump’s domestic crimes. But that’s just the start.

In twelve days Donald Trump’s former real estate partner, convicted Russian mafia money launderer Felix Sater, will publicly testify before Congress. So now we’re getting into Trump’s Russian money laundering crimes. Oh, and speaking of Russian money laundering, Chairwoman Maxine Waters revealed last night that her staffers are working with Deutsche Bank as we speak. House Democrats have also revealed they’re pulling Trump’s tax returns.

By the time this month is over, the American people will have been exposed to a long litany of Donald Trump’s foreign and domestic crimes. Trump will be fighting tooth and nail to try to keep Democrats from using his tax returns against him. Trump’s kids will either be testifying under oath on national television, or fighting a losing battle against the subpoenas. And that’s before getting to whatever Robert Mueller and the SDNY do this month, which should be a lot. Get your popcorn.