Donald Trump is about to get hit by the perfect storm

The perfect storm is about to hit Trump and it doesn’t even involve COVID 19. The trifecta is the unredacted Mueller Report, Roger Stone and Michael Cohen, all of them swirling around in Trump’s head like a hurricane. And drawing with a Sharpie will not make the hurricane land where Trump wants it.

The judge is due to release (finally!) the unredacted Mueller Report and it will be most interesting to see what Client 3 has been up to. Client 3 is Sean Hannity, if you recall, the third client of Michael Cohen. Hannity has seemed more and more unhinged along with Trump. We suspect they are not happy that Cohen is being released to home confinement because of the coronavirus. If he has full access to the press, Michael Cohen is going to yap like a chihuahua.

Roger Stone, with two weeks before he has to report to prison, is definitely going to bark. No way is he going to do time while Trump rides around on Air Force One and plays golf. Stone has many little nuggets to add to this kibble, and we suspect Trump is terrified of him.

In Trump’s drug-fueled daily rant over who is to blame for all his incompetence and maliciousness, he has chosen to not hear the bullets coming his way from Stone, Cohen and Hannity. Trump thinks he’s fighting the virus, but his real enemy now is time. VOTE.

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