Pete Buttigieg just put the smackdown on Donald Trump

Donald Trump seemed to think that Democratic Party disunity would be one of the best things he had going for him in 2020. But then a funny thing happened. Once Joe Biden pulled way ahead and it became clear he was going to be the nominee, his Democratic opponents quickly began dropping out and endorsing him.

Trump is clearly still bitter over this, and he appears to be hanging on to the delusional hope that he can stir up new trouble within the Democratic ranks. He went on a bizarre Twitter bender accusing Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and others of having caved to Biden too easily. Trump seemed to think that by hurling cheap insults and nicknames at them, he could… convince them to turn against Biden?

Buttigieg promptly stepped in to put the smackdown on Trump’s delusions: “You will not divide us. We are uniting to restore compassion and competence to the White House. We are uniting—Bernie, me, the others—in order to elect Joe Biden. We are uniting to defeat you.” Klobuchar than landed the real zinger about Trump’s meltdown: “They say that hydroxychloroquine can lead to hallucinations.”

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