Donald Trump is about to have a phenomenally ugly afternoon

Donald Trump is holding a press conference at 4pm eastern time today. Considering how many White House officials are now in quarantine due to the coronavirus outbreak in the building, it’ll be interesting to see who’s even available to participate. It’ll also represent an opportunity for Trump to take his past few days of rubber room level tweeting and translate it to a real world stage.

Donald Trump is a complete wreck right now, even by his standards. Yesterday he posted an astounding one hundred and twenty-five tweets, most of them spinning a fully unhinged conspiracy theory about President Obama. Today he’s back at it, tweeting gibberish like “THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. Sadly, our Lamestream Media is TOTALLY CORRUPT!” Trump also seems to want Chuck Todd criminally prosecuted, which we think is a bit harsh for simply being a bad Meet The Press host.

So we’ll see which brand of crazy Donald Trump busts out during his press conference today – but don’t expect him to try to reel himself in. With the coronavirus now all but literally knocking on his door, and his jello pudding pop of a mind now fully overrun by dementia-induced hallucinations about his predecessor, Trump is liable to say or do just about anything – with the exception of telling the truth or doing something constructive.

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