Donald Trump just picked the wrong battle

Yesterday President Obama read a book and got a million likes on a tweet – two things that Donald Trump can’t do. For his part, Trump spent the day obsessively trying to hype his imaginary “Obamagate” scandal, while demanding that Obama be called to testify to Congress about said imaginary scandal. Even Trump’s lapdog Lindsey Graham quickly acknowledged that his committee wasn’t going to ask Obama to testify.

Not only has Donald Trump picked the wrong fight, he’s done it at the wrong time. The exceedingly unpopular Trump is pointing at one of the most popular people in the country and saying “either you’re with him or you’re with me.” Most Americans are going to choose Obama over Trump without a second thought. The fact that Trump is picking this weird battle during a deadly pandemic and an economic collapse, instead of doing his job, makes it even more of a no-win proposition for him.

At least when Trump made up fake scandals back in the 2016 election cycle, they were about his actual opponents, and they were about people he thought he could actually gain points by smearing. What we’re seeing now is a reminder that, in addition to everything that was psychologically wrong with Trump back then, he’s now also suffering from cognitive problems. He’s too far gone to understand that feuding with Obama like this is a bad idea.

Yet Donald Trump is as psychotic as ever, so he still sits around fuming all day about how he’ll never be as popular or respected as President Obama. The difference is that he’s now too senile to push back against his own impulse to do battle with Obama. That’s fine. Bring it on. It’ll only work in Obama’s – and Joe Biden’s – favor.

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