Hey Donald Trump, that’s “President Joe” to you

Straight out of the “this is so ridiculous it can’t be true and yet it is true” file, the Washington Post is now reporting that Donald Trump thinks he’s put his finger on why his 2020 campaign isn’t working: he’s using the wrong nickname for Joe Biden. No really, this is a real story in a real newspaper, about a guy who’s the real (fake) President of the United States.

Apparently Trump is now fretting privately that his “Sleepy Joe” nickname for Joe Biden isn’t working, and he’s asking his advisers if new nicknames like “Swampy Joe” and “Creepy Joe” or “Corrupt Joe” might work better. That’s right, Trump has taken a look at his disastrously failed response to the current pandemic, economic collapse, and civil rights issues, and he’s decided that his poll numbers are only in freefall because he’s been using the wrong insult.

Since the article was posted, numerous people on Twitter have suggested that Donald Trump try the nickname “President Joe” instead, to the point that “President Joe” is now trending. In other words, Trump’s search for a new Joe Biden nickname is already blowing up in his face. No wonder Trump is losing so badly.

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