Robert Mueller just revealed that Donald Trump is going to prison

There is a CIA term called a GLOMAR response which means “neither confirm nor deny.” GLOMAR refers to Global Marine, the company that did secret operations for the CIA during the time the term was developed. Robert Mueller is an expert on GLOMAR, and he proved it today.
More importantly than what he couldn’t confirm or deny: Mueller’s actual confirmations.

When asked if Trump can be indicted after he leaves office, Robert Mueller gave an unequivocal, “Yes.” This is huge. Trump has now been put on notice that when his term is over, he’s going to prison, whether he’s impeached or not. It will be a dangerous time going forward. McConnell doesn’t want to crush Russian interference in our elections because it would hurt the Republicans’ chances to hold onto their power. Russia and other foreign powers will be emboldened to develop more ways to interfere. Trump will need to be gaslighted into not enacting a war or nuclear incident in order to take the heat off of him.

We hope Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler will enact impeachment proceedings in the near future, if just to distract Trump & Co. from creating a holocaust. But there is some hope in the fact that Mueller made very clear that further investigations are going forward, too many for William Barr to shut down. Barr seemed to publicly give Mueller permission to reach a conclusion on obstruction and Mueller seemed disinclined to do so, stating Office of Legal Counsel rules. Contradictions need investigations. There’s a lot more to come out.

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