Donald Trump really is going to prison

We’re seeing the first victims of the Ukraine scandal as Kurt Volker, US Diplomat, resigns in the wake of the scandal. We’ll see more resignations, notably Trump’s. The Donald thinks he’s going to survive, but he’s wrong. Putin requesting the US not share his dialogue with Trump means every national security officer with the proper clearance is surely now examining those conversations on the national security server to see what else needs to be whistle blown about. That, if nothing else, will end Trump’s presidency.

Here are other predictions: Michael Flynn will get sentenced to a year or more of Fed time and while he’s in the clink, the military will charge him with treason and/or spying. He’ll never see the light of day again. Giuliani, Mnuchin, Pompeo and Barr will go the same route.
These guys think that once they get sentenced, the worst is over. Trust that the worst is coming, as more and more of this treason comes to light. Charges will be filed way after these guys are in custody and the battle for freedom will never end. Ask Manafort.

This is the way of criminal conspiracies. If these guys were smart, they’d be flipping like a pancake right about now. But the good news is none of them are smart. They truly think it can’t happen to them, hence all the violations of plea agreements. They’ve always seen the law from the other side of the bars. What a surprise they have coming to them. That both Manafort and Flynn had the hubris to break their cooperation agreements proves how naive they are.

As Giuliani drags the State Department into his tornado of stupid, he’s going to be shocked at how much of a meat grinder it becomes. Pompeo, of course, is stupid too, and he’ll continue the game for as long as he can, adding years to his prison sentence, because the State Department won’t take this treason lying down. They will bite back.

Think we’re wrong? Ask Manafort where his pardon is. It’s an empty gesture because Trump can’t pardon a co-conspirator, for fear of that co- conspirator being subpoenaed and forced to tell the truth under oath. If Manafort lies, he’ll go back to the Big House anyway. Trump can’t count on his pardon power – not even a pardon from Pence, because Pence will be protecting himself as well. These guys are toast. It may not be happening as quickly as we’d like, but the route is all downhill from here; only they’re too challenged and egotistical to see it.

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