Things are about to get profoundly ugly for Donald Trump and William Barr

It really is Mueller time. William Barr made a huge mistake by mischaracterizing Mueller’s report in the name of protecting “President” Donald Trump. Now, information that might have never been made public may soon end up doing just that.

Barr testified that if Mueller didn’t believe he could criminally charge Donald Trump, he should not have investigated to begin with. Then, he went on to call Mueller’s letter to him “snitty” and that it must have been written by one of Mueller’s staff members. Not likely. Barr continued his mischaracterizations of Robert Mueller, his investigation, and his final report. Mueller is fed up. Someone who knows Mueller well joined Nicolle Wallace on MSNBC to talk about Mueller and why he will soon be testifying before the House Judiciary Committee.

Glenn Kirschner and Robert Mueller used to work together. Mueller was Kirschner’s supervisor in the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s Office homicide division and “taught [him] to be a prosecutor.” Kirschner shared on MSNBC that if Barr “continues down this road of deception, I do not believe Mueller will let it stand.” Kirschner likely knows Mueller better than many, including Barr. Kirschner cringed when the video replayed Barr’s comments that Mueller’s letter was “snitty” and that a staffer likely wrote it, which he believes is completely disrespectful to Mueller, as well as inaccurate. “Bob doesn’t do ‘snitty,'” said Kirschner. Kirschner confirms that Robert Mueller is who we thought he was all along: professional, thorough, and diligent, without thought to partisanship. So, what can we now expect from Mueller?

According to Kirschner, Mueller is “driven by the truth,” which explains why he wants to testify to the House Judiciary Committee, and not the Senate Judiciary Committee, even after Lindsey’s Graham’s ridiculous invitation. Mueller is well aware of the lies and smoke-blowing from Graham and other Republicans and wants no part of it. Mueller is obviously nonpartisan when it comes to crime, or he would meet with Republicans and give them the story they are clamoring for, but he’s not going to do that.

Kirschner believes that Mueller will be fully forthcoming. Kirschner was rather contrite because he believed that Barr would do the right thing. Now, he says that Barr is “a charter member of Giuliani Sekulow & Barr, the president’s law firm or maybe his PR firm.” Now that the White House has chimed in, joining Barr’s ‘Mueller didn’t do his job’ mantra, Kirschner believes that Mueller will do what he has to do to correct the record – rules aside – and that he will say that Donald Trump committed obstruction.

It’s going down, folks. While Robert Mueller is driven by truth, it will be interesting to see how that plays out against some of the most prolific liars in modern history who, unfortunately, purport to represent the American people. As Bill Palmer is wont to say, get your popcorn ready. This one is going to be a doozy.

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