Donald Trump’s projection is showing

For all his erratic and maniacal behavior, Donald Trump is consistently predictable in certain ways. For instance, he’s so deeply lost in a haze of projection that whenever he randomly accuses an adversary of something awful, it usually turns out Trump himself is guilty of that same exact thing.

That brings us to Donald Trump’s behavior over the past few days. For instance, Trump just said that he doesn’t think Joe Biden can remember what he said or did yesterday. If you follow Biden, you know that he gets roughly as tongue-tied these days as he did in his youth, but he’s still plenty sharp. Trump’s false assertion that Biden is so far gone he can’t remember what he was doing yesterday? That sounds like Trump admitting that he can’t remember what he was doing yesterday – and if you follow Trump’s behavior, it’s pretty clear that he’s in severe cognitive decline.

In another disturbing example, Trump tripled down last night on his insistence that MSNBC host Joe Scarborough once murdered an intern. This is absolutely not the case, and Trump is certainly not helping his cause by continuing to make this false accusation. But considering Trump’s sense of projection, it does make you wonder if Trump has gotten violent with his own female employees in the past, and that’s why he’s so obsessively trying to pin this same crime on Scarborough.

The point of projection is to try to steer blame and attention away from yourself by pinning your failings on others. But Donald Trump keeps getting worse at this. At this point he’s being so blatant and oddly specific about it, he’s practically telegraphing what we should go digging for in his past, in his medical records, and so on. Trump can’t even do projection right anymore. His mind really does seem to be failing – as he seemed to acknowledge when when he essentially admitted that he can no longer remember what he’s doing from one day to the next.

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