Is Donald Trump’s pump and dump scheme finally unraveling?

Donald Trump is the most financially corrupt con artist of his generation. But while the phrase “pump and dump” usually refers to financial scams, Trump tends to use the tactic in a different manner. He’ll convince someone to prop him up in exchange for the promise of some kind of reward, only to discard that person once he no longer needs their help.

Trump did something unusual on Monday when he flat out admitted on Twitter that he had merely been using Morning Joe and Mika for his own purposes when he buttered them up during the 2016 election so they’d give him fawning coverage. Once Trump had (illegitimately) won the election, he quickly kicked Joe and Mika to the curb. He does this to everyone. What’s odd is that he’s actually admitting it – suggesting that as his senility grows incrementally worse, his filter is slipping to the point that he’s telegraphing his own playbook.

Anthony Scaramucci signed on with Donald Trump, and promptly saw his reputation destroyed just eleven days later, after which Trump discarded him. Scaramucci, who has since become as anti-Trump as you can get, picked up on Trump’s confession:


The trick to running the same con over and over again on new people is that you don’t flat out brag about what you’re doing – at least not in public. Even if everyone knows what you’re doing, there will always be some new willing victim who doesn’t want to see it. But if you put it in writing like this, you’re kind of shattering the illusion for them. At some point Trump is going to run out of “pump and dump” suckers – and many of his victims are now treating him like an enemy. How much longer before he runs out of new candidates to do his bidding?

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