Rachel Maddow is absolutely right

As negligent as Donald Trump was in spending a month pretending that the coronavirus wasn’t a crisis, he’s being just as negligent now by refusing to provide any leadership or coordination in the coronavirus response. Rachel Maddow absolutely nailed it tonight when she spelled out just how absurd this is.

Maddow used her MSNBC show tonight to highlight some examples of the nation desperately scavenging for emergency medical supplies, including finding a number of masks stored at the National Cathedral. “This is national crisis management by tag sale,” Maddow said. “Crisis management by dumpster diving.”

She’s absolutely right. If Donald Trump would allow the federal government to coordinate the medical equipment effort, individual entities wouldn’t be resorting to hunting through old storage closets in the hope of finding anything that frontline medical professionals might be able to use.

There are reports of nurses wearing garbage bags in the absence of medical gowns, in a last ditch effort at protecting themselves as they continue to treat coronavirus patients. This insanity needs to end. Donald Trump’s presidency needs to end. The 25th Amendment must be invoked now.

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