Donald Trump used his Tulsa rally to have complete meltdown about his inability to walk down a ramp

Donald Trump’s Tulsa rally tonight is a disaster for him on every level. Attendance has been so poor, he couldn’t even fill the arena. The overflow stage is already being dismantled because no one showed up to it. Six of his own staffers have tested positive for coronavirus. And what is Trump using his speech for? He’s having a meltdown about his inability to walk down a ramp at his previous public outing.

No really, Donald Trump is using a huge chunk of his speech tonight to make incoherent excuses for why he struggled to walk down the ramp after his West Point commencement speech. Trump initially blamed it on the fact that he had just finished saluting too many cadets. Then Trump insisted that it was too hot: “I’m being baked like a cake.” Then Trump said this gem: “There’s no way I can make it down that ramp without falling on my ass.”

Trump went on to say that he’d have been better off if he’d fallen down and slid down the ramp. He also made several attempts at pantomiming how he walked down the ramp, as if this were some kind of vaudeville act. Then Trump began ranting about not having Parkinson’s disease, before having a meltdown about the attention he received for not being able to drink out of a glass with one arm. He insisted that this was because of all the saluting, and because he didn’t want to spill water on his tie.

After spending a stunningly large chunk of his speech ranting about the ramp incident, Trump declared that his speech tonight was “average.”

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