Rand Paul is trying to get us all killed tonight

It’s bad enough that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has spent the past few days dragging out the vote on bipartisan emergency coronavirus response legislation that could easily have been passed over the weekend. Now that McConnell is finally coming around and letting the vote take place, we have an even bigger jerk doing an even uglier job of trying to harm us all.

Rand Paul has decided to purposely slow down the Senate vote on the legislation by attaching an amendment that has no chance of being added, according to NBC News. Why is he doing this? Either he’s so far removed from the reality of the current national emergency that he thinks making a point with his amendment is more important than saving lives, or he’s purposely trying to get people killed.

Either way, Rand Paul is once again reminding us that he’s complete garbage who shouldn’t be anywhere near the United States Senate. This amendment on his part is essentially a criminal act. He belongs in prison – or perhaps in a rubber room.

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