Even Donald Trump’s beloved Rasmussen poll now says he’s totally hosed

To give you an idea how skewed the Rasmussen poll tends to be in favor of Donald Trump and the Republicans, we’ve often seen Trump bragging about his fairly strong Rasmussen numbers, even when every other poll has said that he was doing fairly poorly.

But now that the walls are completely caving in on Trump, even Rasmussen says he’s hosed. The latest Rasmussen poll has Donald Trump’s approval rating at just 42%, a significant drop from the 50% to 51% range that Rasmussen used to have Trump pegged at. More importantly, Rasmussen says that Trump’s disapproval rating is now at 55%. It’s one thing for people to shift from approval to neutral; it’s another thing to see them shifting from approval all the way to disapproval.

At this point FiveThirtyEight says Trump’s average approval rating is about 40%, while RealClearPolitics says it’s about 41%. This naturally raises questions about how anyone can still be supporting Trump after all his scandals, crimes, plague, betrayals and failures. But in reality these are extraordinarily low numbers, when you consider that for partisan reasons, 40% is usually seen as the floor for any functioning president.

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