Donald Trump just got ratioed

When you post a particularly offensive or stupid tweet, and you end up getting more negative comments than likes, it’s called “being ratioed.” It’s generally a sign that you’ve screwed up pretty badly, because everyone is piling on. Donald Trump gets plenty of negative comments on his tweets. But if he’s ever been ratioed, I haven’t seen it – until just now.

Trump posted a tweet this morning about the seventy-five year old man who was shoved to the ground by Buffalo police and then left there bleeding on the sidewalk. For some reason Trump thought it was a good idea to accuse that guy of being a domestic terrorist who staged his own assault for strategic purposes.

This tweet was awful on an almost inexplicable level, even for Donald Trump. With his poll numbers and approval rating already falling, it’s almost as if he woke up and tried to see how many additional voters he could chase away today. Sure enough, Trump got ratioed. As of this moment he has 93 thousand comments and only 85 thousand likes.

This means that Donald Trump’s detractors are now speaking more loudly on his Twitter account than his supporters. Elections aren’t won or lost on Twitter, but this “ratio” is symbolic of how the overall tide truly is turning against Trump – and how more people are speaking up against him by the day.

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