There’s something really alarming about how Donald Trump keeps threatening to poison himself

On Monday, Donald Trump held a press conference and threatened to start injecting himself with insulin, despite allegedly not being diabetic. The National Institute of Health says insulin can be poisonous when misused. On its own, we might be tempted to dismiss it as merely yet another bizarre and incoherent Trump remark. But it’s part of a recent pattern.

Last week Trump claimed he was taking hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus preventative. Most people don’t believe he was actually taking it. But medical studies say that if he was taking it, he was basically poisoning himself for no reason, as it’s a potentially fatal drug with no known ability to prevent coronavirus.

Last month, Trump held a press conference and promoted the concept of injecting disinfectant – which would be so poisonous, the maker of Lysol had to put out a statement warning everyone not to do it.

Three times in the past month, Donald Trump has suggested he’s going to poison himself, or claimed to be poisoning himself, or encouraged the intake of poison. This is bizarre, even for him. Is he that desperate for attention? Has he reached the point of senility that he truly doesn’t understand the consequences of things like poison? In any case, the failing President of the United States, months away from probable election loss and a one way ticket to prison, just keeps publicly talking about poisoning himself. Considering that no one seems to care, it’s the weirdest endgame ever.

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