Donald Trump just got some really bad news

This week’s Supreme Court case over Donald Trump’s tax returns is a reminder that New York prosecutors have a grand jury going against Donald Trump – which means he’ll be indicted on state charges, arrested, and put on trial once he’s out of office. This is in addition to any federal charges he’ll face. He just got some bad news on that front.

There’s some speculation that Donald Trump will try to pardon himself on all federal charges on his way out the door. However, a number of legal scholars believe that a self-pardon wouldn’t hold up, and that Trump’s only hope is if a future President pardons him.

When Joe Biden did a town hall with Lawrence O’Donnell on Tuesday night, someone asked Biden if he’s going to pardon Donald Trump. It’s not clear why anyone would think that Biden would even consider doing such a thing. But Biden made 100% clear that he’ll simply pick a solid Attorney General to handle prosecutorial matters, and Biden will stay out of it.

This means Donald Trump is running out of options to stay out of prison if he loses the election. He’s already boxed in on state charges in New York, with no chance that Governor Cuomo will pardon him. Now we have official confirmation that Trump will face whatever federal charges are proper against him, and he won’t be getting any magic pardon from President Biden.

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