Really, Trump?

This week Donald Trump has decided that a whole lot of people are domestic terrorists. He’s made the accusation against the elderly man who was shoved to the ground by the police. On Wednesday night he asserted that “Domestic Terrorists have taken over Seattle.”

It’s now Donald Trump’s position that anyone who doesn’t like him, or doesn’t fit his agenda, is a domestic terrorist. That’s rich coming from a guy who also spent Wednesday insisting that he won’t change the names of U.S. military bases that are named after confederate leaders. These are the people who led an armed, violent attack against the United States government which resulted in hundreds of thousands of Americans dying. Yet Trump is siding with… them?

Donald Trump is aligning himself with actual domestic terrorists, who actually took up arms against the United States, and who had to be forcefully put down by the U.S. military – even as he falsely accuses peaceful mainstream Americans of being “domestic terrorists” for no good reason.

This is deranged, even for Donald Trump. Fortunately for the rest of us, it’s a losing strategy for him. Aligning himself with the confederacy, at a time when most Americans are aligning themselves with racial equality, is a surefire way to drive his own poll numbers even lower. Forget about this “firing up his base” nonsense. That’s not a strategy when you’re way behind. It’s a mistake.

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