The real reason Donald Trump is doing this

Why does Trump lie? The joke goes, “Because his lips are moving.” Yet this is a real question. Trump lies when he knows he’ll get caught. He lies when he knows he’s wrong. He’ll lie just for the sake of lying. Take the Sharpie incident. Trump digs in when even he knows he can’t win. Hurricane Dorian was never slated to hit Alabama because Dorian was in the Atlantic and Alabama’s only coastline is a sliver on the Gulf of Mexico.

So, what’s the point here? Trump lies not just because he’s a narcissist. The grift here is he knows if he lies, a fair percentage of the populace will believe him. And that’s been his modus operandi since the beginning of his career.

For those of you unfamiliar with its history, Trump Tower was never the glamorous skyscraper on Fifth Avenue he would have you believe. In the late seventies and early eighties, Fifth Avenue was waning. The high-end retailers were moving to Madison and the pedestrian retailers were crowding onto Fifth. But according to Trump, his real estate on Fifth was the finest in the city. His gold-encrusted cheesy apartment at the top of Trump Tower was the best. His real estate empire was rivaled by none, even though most people in New York knew he was a wanna-be and by no means a real player in the real estate scene in Manhattan.

This was how it worked for him. He had his father’s money and flashed it around. The media loved him and he worked it all the way up to The Apprentice. His whole life’s been a fraud.

But what we want you to know is that Trump lies for the sole reason of making that small portion of people believe him, and follow him to destruction like the Pied Piper. That is and has always been his con, and he’s still running it now on the American people.

So as sick to death of it as we are, call him out on his lies. Refuse to give him any slack. Question him. The whole point of his ego and existence isn’t about substance and the truth, it’s about the lie and knowing that a fixed percentage of people will believe it no matter what. That’s his success game. Don’t let him win.

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