Donald Trump is spiraling out of control

In the recent miniseries, Chernobyl, the main character testifies that “Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth.” In Trumpistan, we are now bankrupt from paying our debt to the truth. But there is an elite group who not only never pay their debts, they are impervious to the truth. These are the people in Trump’s circle.

GOP Rep. Rob Woodall has proudly confessed to not reading the Mueller Report because he has concluded it furthers a political agenda. Of course, in debt to the truth, one has to wonder how he can conclude this without reading it, but he’s a Trumpster, so, of course he can.
Denying climate change won’t unmelt the glaciers. Refusing to call places of internment at the border concentration camps won’t make them more humane. We now have 13,200 children locked up in this country for the “crime” of fleeing their country. At least six have died.

Trump just picked immigration hardliner, Ken Cuccinelli, to head up the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Along our border, the truth won’t set you free unless you’re white. We predict with the confirmation of Cuccinelli, a lot of brown people’s legal immigration status is going to be turned into illegal status.

In the Chernobyl disaster, the accident was caused as much by poor design as by politics and lies. Chernobyl won’t be fully cleared of radioactivity for at least 24,000 years. The debt to the truth might be expensive and painful but it has to be paid. With all the looming potential disasters out there in Trumpistan, including the intel that our own nuclear secrets might have been sold to Saudi Arabia, it’s critical we pay our debts sooner rather than later before we have to pay them with even more blood.

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