Donald Trump’s tax returns just officially became a 2020 nightmare for him

Yesterday, Palmer Report pointed out that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats are just getting started when it comes to Donald Trump. They’re cementing two articles of impeachment now, but they’re continuing to fight numerous court battles in the name of obtaining evidence and testimony about additional Trump crimes. Right after we published this, one of those issues came to a head.

The Supreme Court decided yesterday to take up the case of Donald Trump’s tax returns. This is not the best case scenario for House Democrats, who were hoping the Supreme Court would decline to take up the case, which would have resulted in Trump’s accountant turning over his tax returns immediately. But what’s interesting about this development is the timeframe for the case.

The mainstream media is saying it doesn’t think the Supreme Court will take up the case until June of 2020. We don’t expect it to take that long, considering the historic importance and unique urgency of the case. But even if it does take until June, the ruling will come down right around the start of the 2020 general election cycle.

If the Supreme Court rules that Donald Trump’s tax returns must be turned over, House Democrats will be able to expose Trump’s financial crimes and illicit foreign ties at the height of the 2020 election. Considering how John Roberts likes to play both sides, we think there’s a strong chance the ruling will go this way. But even if the Supreme Court rules that his returns don’t have to be turned over, it’ll serve as a timely reminder to the voting public that he’s bending over backward to hide his dirty financial secrets.

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