Donald Trump is about to ride this one all the way to the bottom

Donald Trump continues to rely on the strong economy as his stepping stone to a second term. The problem is that many signs are pointing to a slowdown in the economy and perhaps even a recession on the horizon, but Trump refuses to believe it. After all he made the economy, so he should be able to keep it going, right? Wrong. Trump is absolutely clueless and continues to do things that undermine the very economy he’s trying to save.

The job growth rate continues to slow. The August job report shows that approximately 130,000 jobs were added in the U.S., well below expectations. Adding to the low job numbers, Trump continues his trade war with China, which is frightening investors and job creators alike. If Trump had half a brain he would see that his trade war is doing much more harm than good. Does he honestly think he’s smarter than world economists? He’s nothing more than a broken down shell of a fake businessman. He got lucky by birth, and he’s done nothing with what he was given other than to waste it all away. Now, he’s doing the same thing with an economy that was repaired and well on its way to full recovery before it was handed to him. The pattern is unmistakable.

Instead of recognizing that his policies are flawed and are directly impacting the economy, Trump continues with his disastrous plans to increase tariffs on China. Trade experts shared with the Hill that Trump could seek a smaller deal, which would help with the fears and unknowns surrounding trade deals, but he has so far refused to do so. These experts warn that if Trump fails to make a deal, that failure will not only negatively impact our economy but will derail his 2020 presidential hopes.

At least there is one bright spot to all of this uncertainty. Our next president, whoever he or she might be, will not be foolhardy like Trump. He or she will use common sense, choose advisors with knowledge and experience, and will actually listen to those who have experience – all things that Trump has refused to do.

Diane Swonk, chief economist at Grant Thornton, believes that the recently released economic data suggests that we have hit “a tipping point.” She thinks that this is a result of the trade tensions. Trump, stubborn as the proverbial mule, doesn’t want to hear it. He is still singing his tired old tune that China is paying for the tariffs and that “billions are pouring into the USA.” He also continues to rail at Jerome Powell, his own pick for the Federal Reserve Board, because of his refusal to cut rates to the point that they were cut following the Bush recession.

Again, if the economy is as great as Trump claims, why would we need those cuts? Because it’s not. Instead, he attacks Powell via Twitter: “Where did I find this guy Jerome? Oh well, you can’t win them all.” Unfortunately for Trump, he hasn’t won any. His White House is a revolving door of employees, and our economy is slowly tanking. Hopefully, his ignorance will keep driving him in the wrong direction until we can drive his ass out of Washington.

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