Roadkill on the impeachment highway

This holiday season we are grateful for so many things, first and foremost our Constitution, even as it’s being assaulted on all fronts under this administration. But no matter how many secret trips to Afghanistan Trump makes to have photo ops with the troops, he’d still going to become roadkill on the impeachment highway.

The reasons for this are many, so let’s break it down. First, Mitch McConnell doesn’t have the votes to dismiss the trial outright, so it’s on. The White House has said it supports a full Senate trial if the House impeaches. Hearing them say this is hilarious. They don’t seem to understand that in a trial, the Senators cannot speak. They are the jury. Not a peep will be permitted from any Senator during the trial.

Trump will also get to pick his own witnesses and defenders based on the merits. Which will mean there will be no defenders and witnesses. Or if he does manage to scare up a few people who are willing to ruin the rest of their lives for lying to the Senate, they will be cross-examined by competent persons without distraction. Whataboutism and the eternal battle cry of “But her emails!” won’t be heard in the Senate impeachment trial. Again, remember this is based on the merits, of which the Republicans are bereft. It will get ugly fast. It will be public, and Mitch McConnell can’t save Trump.

There’s talk of a resignation before the trial can happen. Maybe it will end that way, or maybe not. Trump has enough sycophants and bootlickers around him to allow him to stay in his bubble for a little while longer. As he tries to take down NATO for Putin, let’s hope he continues to think Russian approval is all he needs to survive. He’s wrong. But let him find out the hard way. He needs to learn what becomes of traitors to the United States. And Trumpsters need to refresh their patriotism by watching the whole ugly mess.

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