William Barr is running out of rope

It seems that the controversy surrounding the Mueller report will never die. William Barr is continuing his media circus, trying to turn the public’s focus from the report by giving an interview to The New York Times and appearing on Fox & Friends to discuss his “investigations.” Former FBI Director James Comey is having none of Barr’s attempts to negate the findings of the report, just as current FBI Director Chris Wray continues to rebuke Barr’s claim of “spying.”

Following Barr’s appearance, Comey tweeted: “Donald Trump has enough spokespeople.” Now, that comment in and of itself may mean nothing to some, but he’s referring to Barr’s blatant efforts to shield Donald Trump from the real findings in Mueller’s report. Comey went on to say that “The AG should stop sliming his own Department. If there are bad facts, show us, or search for them professionally and then tell us what you found.” He can’t. Comey knows that, and so do we. His goal is to distract.

Comey’s comments remind us that Barr has characterized the origins of Mueller’s investigation as “spying.” Never mind that he has not one shred of evidence that anything untoward exists to back up his ridiculous claims. His puppet master cried “foul,” and puppet Barr ran with it. Again, he has absolutely no evidence that anything occurred, other than the feeble rumblings of a man who doesn’t quite seem all there on most days. Yeah, that’s a great basis upon which to start an investigation that is going to cost taxpayers additional funds. Where is Trump’s outcry about tax dollars being spent on investigations now?

Regardless of what Barr or Trump say, Mueller did indeed find eleven examples of obstruction of justice, including Trump’s attempts to remove Mueller and thereby end the investigation, and his attempts to silence Flynn. This information is what’s leading House Democrats to continue their investigations, while Republicans claim “case closed” and want to move on. Of course they do. The more digging that goes into this, the more information surfaces that points to Trump’s guilt on obstruction at the very least.

Barr can look no further than himself for this turn of events. As he continues to try to whitewash the report’s findings by latching onto Trump’s unfounded claims, he is merely digging a hole for himself, and more people now view his role as “presidential protector” in violation of his responsibilities to the Department of Justice.

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