Donald Trump’s Rose Garden press conference is a violence-themed disaster

Over the weekend, Donald Trump hid in an underground bunker and turned out the White House lights, cowering even as thousands of Americans peacefully protested against him in the park across the street. Now that Trump is being accurately branded a coward by all sides, he’s decided to flex his nonexistent muscles by recklessly holding a press conference outside the White House. It’s already off to a disastrous start.

Trump started off by playing up “Second Amendment rights,” because he’s clearly trying to make sure the violence escalates. He also announced that he’s sending “thousands” of unspecified personnel to the cities, while merely threatening to illegally send the military to carry out law enforcement duties.

In other words, Trump didn’t actually announce any real action. His “press conference” today was merely an attempt at ratcheting up the the tension by threatening to carry out violence against Americans. He’s a small, fading, crippled, powerless man who is going to prison after he loses the election. His violence-themed antics today won’t save him from that fate. He’s just trying to cause as much trouble as he can on his way down. And why not? He’s already going to prison for the rest of his life.

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