Donald Trump has gone round the bend

Maybe the personal war that President Donald Trump says he fought with STDs was a losing cause, causing the man to suffer from brain damage. He just makes shit up. As a reminder, as of mid-afternoon on Wednesday, April 8, the nation had almost 428,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and closing in on 15,000 deaths from the virus.

Trump mouthpieces on Fox are saying some of the deaths are individuals who had pre-existing conditions, so they don’t count. But rather than just shut up and show some empathy and sympathy for the victims and loved ones who were not able to be bedside at 15,000 Americans deaths, he is only interested in one number – his ratings. He tweeted:

The Radical Left Democrats have gone absolutely crazy that I am doing daily Presidential News Conferences. They actually want me to STOP! They used to complain that I am not doing enough of them, now they complain that I “shouldn’t be allowed to do them.” They tried to shame. The Fake News Media into not covering them, but that effort failed because the ratings are through the roof according to, of all sources, the Failing New York Times, “Monday Night Football, Bachelor Finale” type numbers (& sadly, the get if $FREE). Trump Derangement Syndrome!

The only thing fake and delusional in the daily conferences is the orange blob in the middle of the press room. In a time of national crisis, he is worried about his ratings and viewers. That is all this is about – a tiny, empty man who only cares about how many are watching his sick spectacle. The real media should boycott these Cult 45 rallies and see how long this despicable man continues with them. Given he is the former owner of the failed Trump casinos, you will be right in making that sure bet, as his house always loses.

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