Rudy Giuliani just revealed how intent he is on taking Donald Trump down with him

Rudy Giuliani continues to wreak havoc. He recently returned to Ukraine to “dig up dirt” on Joe and Hunter Biden. At this point, Giuliani is either senile or he’s operating at “president” Trump’s behest. These are exactly the types of antics that are driving the impeachment of Trump, but who knows for sure whether Giuliani is doing this with Trump’s approval? According to Giuliani, he is doing just that.

Giuliani spoke to CNN about his efforts, telling CNN that Trump “has been very supportive” of his “work” (for lack of a better word). Giuliani suggested that “Trump has been well aware” of his work in Ukraine. “We’re on the same page,” Giuliani said. If we are to believe Giuliani, then Trump is the one pushing this investigation, which would come as no surprise. Since taking the presidency, Trump has run the office just like he runs his businesses (into the ground). He believes himself invincible and obviously above the law. It would surprise no one if it is revealed that he is behind this, even in the face of impeachment. It’s not as if he has given us any reason whatsoever to trust him. This is one of the many reasons that we need to get this man out of the White House.

While Giuliani claimed to CNN that he and Trump “are on offense,” it doesn’t appear to be that way. In addition to trying to dig up fake dirt on the Bidens, Giuliani has now backtracked to Marie Yovanovitch, whom he helped to run out of her position, claiming that she perjured herself during her testimony and that she should be charged with obstruction. This is ludicrous. Given that Yovanovitch’s testimony has been supported and reinforced by other diplomats, unless they all lied too, Yovanovitch did not lie. No, Rudy has some sort of vendetta against Yovanovitch, though only he seems to understand what that is.

Rudy claims to have evidence of Yovanovitch’s perjury, yet when asked about it he could not offer even the slightest bit of evidence. The man is a nutcase. No wonder he gets along so well with “president” Trump. Giuliani did, however, admit to CNN that he pushed for Yovanovitch’s ouster. Giuliani even went so far as to say that he did so because she was interfering with his work to “dig up dirt on Democrats on behalf of Trump.” Really? When in the history of the United States has the president relied on some burned out lawyer to make decisions affecting national security? Never, before now.

Rudy Giuliani has now apparently lost his mind, though we’ve been seeing evidence of this for quite a while. The CNN piece reports that he pushed Yovanovitch’s ouster because she was “blocking witnesses to come to the United States.” Witnesses to what, for God’s sake? Giuliani had been pressing the State Department to issue a visa to Viktor Shokin, which the State Department denied. Good for them. We have enough crooks in the United States — too many right now, and they’re in and around the White House. All we need is more of Giuliani and Trump’s conspiracy theorists running loose in the country.

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