Rudy Giuliani has completely lost what little was left of his mind

We’re each dealing with the coronavirus crisis and the resulting lockdown in our own way. Rudy Giuliani, whose cognitive abilities have been in freefall for quite some time, appears to be taking the whole thing rather poorly. He just posted a video of himself and… we’re still searching for words.

Rudy’s new video begins with him discussing New York City in mid sentence, while he waves his right hand in the air as if trying to wave away a bad smell. About thirty seconds in he appears to be losing his voice, so he tries to compensate for it by screaming.

At one point Rudy Giuliani begins yelling around incoherently about abortion. Then near the end he puts his glasses on crooked. Check it out if you have two minutes to waste during the lockdown. We’re not sure Rudy’s going to make it:



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