Rudy Giuliani hits the panic button

Just how poorly are things going for Rudy Giuliani right now? He’s resorting to trying to testify before Lindsey Graham’s bonkers Senate Judiciary Committee in a last ditch effort at trying to get anyone out there to believe his incoherent conspiracy theories. He’s also facing the reality that his client Donald Trump is now trying to hire new lawyers – never a good sign when you’re the current lawyer.

Accordingly, Rudy Giuliani is now doing what he does best, and frankly the only thing he does these days: he’s crapping himself. Rudy has spent the day ranting about how “corrupt” the Washington Post is for daring to report on him. He’s comparing the House impeachment inquiry to McCarthyism and the Salem witch trials in the same Twitter thread. Well which one is it, Rudy? He doesn’t seem to know.

Rudy is also making the bizarre claim that because House Democrats are considering having the whistleblower testify from behind a screen with a distorted voice, it’s somehow a “ludicrous” scandal. The reality is that House Democrats are worried one of Donald Trump’s House Republican allies on the committee might commit the felony of leaking the whistleblower’s identity to Trump, and then Trump might try to put the whistleblower’s safety further in danger.

It’s difficult to imagine Donald Trump firing Rudy Giuliani at this late date, if only because Rudy knows all of Trump’s dirtiest secrets, and firing the erratic blabbermouth maniac might cause him to start spitefully spilling Trump’s secrets. But with Trump now in the market to hire new lawyers, it suggests that Trump may be trying to push Rudy off the stage. No wonder Rudy is sounding the alarm.

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